Monday, April 4, 2011

Baby talk

Little miss has started babbling! She has gotten really good at saying Mamamama. Not sure if she knows Mama is me, but I like to think she does. Poor Eric feels left out and practices with her saying Dada every night. The last few days she has also starting spitting. You know pushing her tongue out and blowing. Some call it blowing rasberries without actually blowing on someone.  It's rather funny. She has tried several more foods. Loves butternut squash, sweet potatoes, pears, bananas, and grapes. Notice the trend all sweet stuff. She seems to take after her Momma on sweet stuff. Hates carrots. Tried and tried carrots, but she sputters and gags and begins to protest carrot bites. We got some hilarious video of  carrots. She doesn't care for green beans either, but I can at least manage to get 1 cube of green beans down her. She loves to stand these days. She is very wobbly, but is so proud of herself when she is standing holding on to something. She has been trying to crawl for about 2 months now. Poor thing can't quite get her arms and legs all up at the same time, but she can inch worm herself across the floor. I am excited for her to be mobile because I think she will be less frusterated about not being able to get what she wants, but I am also scared because once she is mobile there is no going back! Since the weather is finally nice again I am back to running and it feels so good. Claire loves being outside. I used the elliptical most of the winter, but it is no subsitute for running! We took pictures in the bluebonnets last weekend. Eric of course as usual thinks pictures are stupid, but I want Claire to look back at her childhood and see lots of pictures of herself and her parents and have memories of all the fun things we did as a family. Ok I will stop rambling now and take myself to bed, but I will share some bluebonnet pics.

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