Saturday, August 11, 2012

Big Girl Bed and 18 Week check up

I cannot believe the time has already come for Claire's big girl bed. It makes me happy and sad all at once. We had initially decided to wait until after her birthday to transition her. We wanted to transition her in plenty of time before Luke came in case she had in any issues, but were not in any hurry to do it soon. Well, Claire being Claire, decided she had other plans. Around the middle part of July I caught her trying to escape her crib. I wasn't too concerned as she is a very cautious child and usually won't push too far if something is dangerous. A couple of days went by and I would watch her when she would wake up from her nap to see how far she would push it. Well one day I ran in just in the nick of time to see her teetering with both legs on the top rail. She easily could have fallen off. The search for a big girl bed began. Our first thought was to buy a toddler bed. After some pondering we decided to go ahead and go straight for a twin bed. That way it will hopefully be at least 10 years  before we have to think about a bed for Claire again. After several weeks of shopping Craigslist I found an adorable bed/dresser set that was higher end furniture in good condition. So last Saturday we made the switch. I was nervous how she would do, but Claire loves her night night time and was super excited about her new bed. When we unveiled her big girl room and bed to her she cheered and clapped. She is super happy about being able to get in and out on her own. The first few days she would still lay in bed and call for me. One morning she surprised me by opening my door at 6:30 in the morning grinning and asking for "Daddy" and "nummy nummy" (food). Only one night at about 2:30 a.m. a screaming Claire came running to our door asking for Daddy. We figured it was a bad dream and within 5 minutes and some Mommy and Daddy love she quickly fell back asleep. Fingers crossed everything continues to go smoothly.

This past week we had Luke's anatomy scan. We are thrilled to report he is growing beautifully and a very active little boy. The last 2 ultrasounds I've had and the last time I was at the doctor and she listened to him on the doppler 3 separate people have commented "wow he is an active one". It was awesome seeing him move and wiggle so much, but I'm also a little nervous for just how busy of a boy he will be! Claire keeps me very busy, but she has also been a fairly calm child, well as calm as an almost 2 year old can be. The tech on Monday told me to be thankful the active one is the second child and that way Claire can help entertain him. All joking aside I am extremely excited for my busy little man to get here! He is also growing rapidly! He has consistently measure ahead the whole time. I know exactly when he was conceived so there is no way the dates are off. Nothing majorly ahead, but his head does measure a full week bigger! Eeeek!  The rest of him measures within 2-4 days ahead. I think I may have a big boy on my hands. I'm scared! Claire was 8 pounds, my first, and a girl. The second is usually bigger plus this one's a boy! All I care is he grows happy and healthy and gets here safely. Here are a few pics from the ultrasound. Eric was thrilled the tech labled the pictures. He said he could actually identify what was in them since they were clearly labled, lol.

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