Wednesday, December 5, 2012

35+ Weeks

I did it! I didn't wait a month to actually update again. On Monday 35 weeks 3 days I had my final ultrasound. It was so good to see little man again! Of course I knew he had grown since we last saw him at 18 weeks, but it's crazy to see how much. At 18 weeks things seemed easier to see and I'm sure they were as he wasn't taking up nearly as much space. My little man or I should say my big little man has grown so much! He is estimated to already weigh 6lbs 10oz! Most likely he will gain around a 1/2 a pound a week so we are looking at possibly close to a 9 pound kiddo! I know the estimates can be off, but considering Claire was an 8 pounder my first, and a girl I have fully expected for Luke to be bigger. I'm just a little scared, lol. I know he will be the perfect size that God intends and as long as he is happy and healthy that is all that matters. The doctor "checked' me to see if anything was happening and like I figured being only 35 weeks nothing was. However she did smile and say she felt his head and he is very low. I kind of figured he was low. I noticed Thanksgiving week he started to drop. Eric started to joke everyday amused at how much each day he dropped. There is no way of knowing when he will decide to come, I just hope he comes on his own and doesn't have to be evicted. The doctor said she will let me go to 41 weeks which would be January 11 at the latest. Luke and I are having daily talks about how he is not to wait that long to come! The 11th seems so far away! I know God has his perfect birthday already picked out though and it is what is best for Luke's health. Here are a few pics from the ultrasound:

I finally got around to taking some photos of Luke's mostly completed room! My mom aka Nana did his bedding and I think it turned out perfect!

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