Sunday, January 10, 2010

About a week ago

A week or so ago, January 2, 2010 to be exact life in the Westerman house was forever changed. I might add it changed in the best way possible! I call it our miracle. After many tear filled and stressfull months God has blessed us with a child!

I woke up, took my temperature and discovered it was still high so I decided to take a test. I told myself not to be hopeful, but of course I couldn't help it and got my hopes up. I walked away to begin making Eric his birthday breakfast (a few days late, but better late than never). I came back and checked and omigosh I was confident I wasn't hallucinating and there really was a faint second line. With the digital test I had been hoarding in my cabinent for months I decided to confirm to make sure I really wasn't hallucinating. I walked away to check on the bacon and when I came back I saw the most beautiful word that so many people take forgranted, PREGNANT!!! Of course the tears started flowing and along with a happy dance I had a celebration in the bathroom.

About a year ago when we started the journey to have a baby I had it all planned out how I would tell Eric when I finally passed the test. I scoured the internet looking for a t-shirt for for my Cooper (who as most of you know is my child) to wear to tell Eric he is going to be a Daddy. I finally found the perfect one that said "I'm the big brother". After my bathroom celebration I quietly pulled Cooper out from under the covers, grabbed the tiny t-shirt hidden in the bottom of my dresser drawer, and took Cooper outside to relieve himself and to get dressed for the big moment.

I then took a very hesitant Cooper (I slightly underestimated Cooper's size and the t-shirt was more like a muscle tee), whispered in his ear to go wake Daddy and put him back in the bed. Of course my lazy dog nudged Eric and immediately starting nestling back under the covers. Luckily Eric did manage to open his eyes took one look at Cooper and said "why do you have him in that muscle tee it's too small to keep him warm"? Eric then proceeded to roll back over and go to sleep and Cooper wiggeled under the covers. A little exasperated I decided to go back to the kitchen and check on breakfast. Attempt number 2 I hopped back in the bed and shook Eric and drug cooper back out from the covers. Eric asked me what I was doing and I told him I was making him breakfast. All I had to say was "breakfast" and he was alert. He looked at Cooper again and made some comment about his small t-shirt. I then told Eric maybe he should read Cooper's shirt. He read the shirt, looked at me slightly confused, and said "does this mean what I think it does"? I smiled and said yes and then ran and grabbed the digital test to show him. We both smiled and hugged. It was quite possibly one of the happiest moments of my life.

I had bloodwork scheduled Tuesday anway to see if the Clomid and HCG shot had worked and to check and see if there was possibly a Baby Westerman brewing. I anxiously awaited the results of my Tuesday bloodwork dying for the bloodwork to confirm my at home test. The next day I got the results and it was officially confirmed. I had more bloodwork scheduled for Thursday to check and see if all my numbers were increasing as they should. Friday I got the results that my HCG had tripled (a good thing), but my Progesterone was a little low so I doubled my Progesterone dose. My first appointment and ultrasound is schedule for January 20 when I will be a few days past the 6 week mark.

Keeping this secret is a challenge. Of course we want to tell our parents in person so we have to wait until next weekend (2 full weeks after the positive test). I talk to my Mom everyday and she knows all about our baby journey so she is expecting news any minute. It's so hard not to slip up on the phone. I am so excited to tell both of our parents. Mine have been wanting grandbabies for a while now.

We have decided not to tell anyone besides our immediate family until after the 1st trimester. I am bursting at the seams to scream our happy news to the world, but don't want to have to untell people should the worst happen. I pray almost all day everday for the worst not to happen and for God to let us keep this miracle. This miracle is what I have been dreaming of for what seems like forever. It truly is love at first thought.

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