Wednesday, February 10, 2010

2nd Ultrasound

We went back today for a second ultrasound to check on Baby Westerman and to make sure my subchorionic bleed was disappearing on it's own. The appointment went great! The bleed was barely visible which means my body is absorbing it as it should. Best of all Baby Westerman looked like, well a baby! As Eric put it "it has a huge dome" in other words a big head, lol. We got to see the little one wiggle it's arms and legs and I swear it waved at us! Now I can't stop watching my 3 second video just to see my little one wave. Oh how I already love that little one. We also got to hear the precious heartbeat beating away at 176 beats a minute!

Also in 3 weeks or so we get to go for genetic screening and for an early gender test! They are doing a high tech ultrasound to check for fluid and such which help tell them the risk of chromosomal abnormalities such as Down's Syndrome. Be praying that all looks well. They also we do blood work on me and somehow through my blood can tell us if it's a boy or a girl! We could care less either way, but I know some people already have their bets in, lol.
I also get to get off most my meds in 3 weeks. I have been on what seems like a pharmacy of medications (Progresterone, Estradiol, Metformin) some of which I take multiple times a day. These medications have been what is keeping me pregnant. I am nervous and happy to finally get off them. In 3 weeks or so the placenta will take over their jobs which is wonderful, but also makes me nervous that something might happen when I get off them. I know this is a silly fear as my doctor wouldn't put me or the baby in harms way and I know the placenta will do it's job.

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