Wednesday, February 3, 2010


Every day I feel more amazed at the precious little one God has blessed us with. After months of trying and many tears that it might just never happen it finally did. Of course God being the great God that he is didn't just bless us with a child, but with one due the day after my birthday! I know as time passes I will continue to see God's plan for us and our little one unfold and I will continue to be even more amazed.

Currently I am praying for my job to work out when the little one arrives. At only 8 weeks pregnant I can't imagine having to put him or her in daycare full time. Financially at this point we don't have a choice, but for me to work full time. I truly feel God wants me to focus on being a wife and mother and not the career woman I always "knew" I would be. It's funny how God changes your heart. I know I have many months to sort it out and God knows best so in the meantime all I can do is pray for his will!

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