Monday, May 24, 2010


The nursery is officially officially underway. Eric had done a little bit of painting, but this past weekend thanks to the help of a wonderful friend the nursery is looking beautiful. We did a wainscoting on the bottom. I will share pics as soon as Eric get's the bottom caulked and painted. I thought most of the work was putting up the woodwork, but apparently that is only half the battle. The prep work to paint is a lot more than I thought. Another note today is 24 weeks which marks when Claire is considered viable to live outsite of the womb. Of course we want the to wait until September, but it does make me feel better to know her chances of surviving are ok if for some awful reason she was born now. Here is my lovely haha 24 week picture.
Maybe this week Eric and I will spend more time together than last week. Every night last week we had something going on that kept us from seeing each other. Looking forward to our 4th anniversary on Thursday. I am waiting to see if Eric actually remembers. He hasn't said a word about it. No one better remind him either! Not that we will do anything or get each other anything, but just remembering the day is important.
Eric is playing softball tonight. I was going to go watch him play, but since he hurt himself last week playing he didn't know how much playing he would actually do and didn't want me sitting there bored. He thought last week that he was about 10 years younger and decided to slide into a base and hurt his ankle. He thinks I don't feel bad for him I really do feel bad, but he can be a little dramatic. When he called and told me he hurt himself he initially said "I broke my ankle". Knowing him like I do I knew he was exaggerating a little. A few seconds later he admitted he knows he didn't break it, but it really really hurt. Poor thing.
Ok off to get ready to watch the Bachelorette. I always say I won't get sucked in, but with all my shows ending I need something new to follow!

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  1. Well, I can see Baby Clarie already has her Daddy wrapped around her little finger....He is getting her room all ready for her...A room fit for a little princess.