Thursday, June 24, 2010

It's been awhile!

Wow I cannot believe how long it's been since and update. Sorry! Things are going wonderful! Little Claire is quite active. Someone asked me the other day what makes her move the most and the answer isn't a specific food, but ALL food! She is not a picky girl at all! Finally got the phone call yesterday that the furniture is in! Thank goodness, now the fun decorating can begin. Eric is picking up the furniture tomorrow and then on Saturday the fun of putting it together begins. I may want to leave the house for a while I've heard, lol. Apparently putting together baby furniture is not always an easy task. I will be sure and post pictures as soon as we get it together. Mom finished her bedding so I am very excited to put it all together in the crib!

Another thing we learned this week was little baby socks and mittens and our washing machine are not friends. I started washing some of Claire's clothes and thought I was very successfull in doing so. Well the next load of our big people clothes didn't go so well. Halfway through it stopped full of dirty water and wouldn't spin or drain it just growled. Turns out the pump ate a baby mitten. Eric has become quite the handyman this year and managed to get instructions on how to get it out. Yay! Since he saved us $80 from having a repair man come out he wants to know when I am going to pay him. I told him the last 4 years of meals well compensates him, lol. Week 28 is nearing the end so I leave you with a picture from the first of the week 28 weeks=7 months!

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