Thursday, July 29, 2010

Shower time!

We had our first shower July 17 and it was fabulous and beautiful! Some wonderful family and friends threw it for us back home and we are truly blessed by everyone's generosity. Claire officially now has more clothes in her closet than her daddy, lol. She is going to be so stylish and I can't wait to play dress up with her!!! We have another shower this weekend given my some dear friend of mine from work. I am super excited.

Not much else going on which is a really good thing. My favorite thing is to remind Eric how close to due date we are getting. His face is always priceless. I think he tried to pay me back today. When I walked in the door from work he says "that dress makes you look bigger, haha I can say that now you are pregnant". He thinks he is funny. I think I need to remind him that statement is never appropriate. Here are some pictures from my shower the other weekend.

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