Monday, August 9, 2010

35 Weeks down and 35 days to go!

I cannot believe how fast time has gone by! At times it feels like it is dragging, but when I look back time has really flown. Today marks 35/35! I cannot believe in 5 weeks or so I will meet my little girl. We are so excited!

We are at about 90% completion on Claire's room. I don't think it will ever be at 100%, but it's really getting close. I've got some more organization to go, but I think some of the organization won't happen until she actually gets here and I can determine what works best. Here are a few pics of her room.

had a fabulous shower given by 2 of my really good friends at work on 7/31. They really out did themselves! These are just a few of the many pics from the shower. We are so very blessed to have such loving and generous friends!

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