Tuesday, January 25, 2011

4 Month Stats and teethies!

I'm just a little behind as always, lol.  Claire had her 4 month checkup last Monday and she is growing growing!  She is 12 pounds even and 24 inches long.  Doctor said that puts her weight between the 10-25 percentile and her height in the 25 percentile.  She said she was well proportioned and even called her petite!  Who would have thought I would have a petite child? The doctor said she is in the teething stage, but it may be several months before we see any teeth.  I of course assume it will be several months before we see any teeth. Boy was I wrong!  All weekend Claire was in a terrible mood.  I felt so bad she was in such a bad mood.  My parents were in town to play and Claire was a turkey.  She didn't have a fever, but seemed to feel better after a dose of Tylenol.  She also sure liked to gnaw on my Dad's hand.  Again never thought there would actually be any teeth.  Well this morning I decided to check her gums, so I rubbed my finger on them and I felt something rough!  Sure enough not one, but two of her bottom teeth are starting to come in!  My baby is growing up way too fast!

This was taken right after her 4 month check up.

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  1. Our precious little girl is growing so fast. It's hard to believe she is already getting teeth. Love ya Eric, Julie and Claire....