Monday, February 14, 2011

Valentine's Day!

I've never been one to think too much of Valentine's Day.  Yes I am the synical one who calls it a "card company holiday" and thinks how special is it if everyone else is celebrating too.  Of course we always celebrate in some way. This year seemed different. I don't know if it is because of Claire or what, but I did appreciate it more. We got Claire a sweet card for her scrapbook and a soft doll that says "My First Valentine's". She loved the card and wanted to eat it and loved her doll.  She talked and talked to it. These days are talking is more screeching, but still adorable. Claire and I got Eric a frame for his desk at work with several pictures of Claire. Eric got me some candy (which if you know me that is the best present, I have a terrible sweet tooth) and he totally surprised me with a little bag from Victoria's Secret. Now before you start thinking you don't want to hear the rest of this story I promise it's nothing risque, lol. The other day he noticed my "sexy" (sarcasm) bra. Now this bra is special. It is black, but the strap has a lovely piece of white elastic sewn on part of it. My dear mini Cooper decided that the last time I bought bra's they would make a nice chew toy and chewed the strap of my brand new Victoria's Secret bra in half. Well these new bra's were bought 2.5 years ago. I am not one to complain. I try to make due with what I have, but my sweet husband felt bad it had been so long since I had a nice new bra and that one of the few I have looks terrible that I needed a new one. He did so good picking one out too! I must say this really was the best Valentine's Day ever!

Claire will be 5 months on Wendesday! I cannot believe how big she is getting and how fast time is flying. She is so goofy, but I guess she gets that honestly, lol. She has started sitting on her own for 20-30 seconds at a time and trying to push up on her knees when she is on her belly. She thinks Cooper is the funniest thing she has ever seen. She talks and laughs at him all day long. Poor guy is so good with her as she pulls his ears and drools on his head. We are also slowly introducing solids to her. We have given her cereal a handful of times which she could care less about. She is always staring at our plates and trying to grab food off them, but when we feed her cereal she looses interest so quickly. My original plans were to wait to start solids until 6 months any way so I am backing off, but she does love to drink out of sippy cup. She thinks she is such a big girl. I have also been doing some reading on another way besides purees to introduce solids. I had all intentions of pureeing all Claire's food and not buying any of the typical jars. What I have started reading though is the "Baby Led Weaning" approach. I am quite intrigued by it and may actually try it with Claire. Here is a link to more information about this approach if you are interested.

Here is my Pretty Princess!

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