Saturday, March 5, 2011

Loving Life

Not a lot of super exciting news to report, but life sure is good. Pretty Princess is growing and changing so quickly. I cannot believe she is nearing 6 months old. It is bittersweet how fast time is going. I love each new stage she is in, but I also miss her being so little and snuggly. She is trying so hard to get on her hands and knees and gets so mad she can't go and do what she wants. She is sitting so good all by herself and prefers sleeping on her belly which makes Momma so nervous. Within 5 minutes of being in her crib she has already rolled to her belly and fast asleep. I am curious how much she will weigh at her 6 month appointment.  I can tell she has grown because my arms sure are getting tired. She thinks her Daddy is the funniest person she has ever seen and has a special squeal she does only for him. It melts my heart watching those two interact and play.

We have a busy week ahead of us. Claire's Mimi (Eric's Mom) and sister Kayla are coming to visit during the week and then over the weekend my brother and his wife and my parents are coming to visit. On the 13th we are doing Claire's dedication at church and all our family is coming in. We are super excited to spend time and see everyone. I apologize in advance to anyone coming if Claire is not on her best behavior. She is in a bit of a stage right now where if Momma leaves her sight for too long she tends to freak out.

My little bugger will probably kill me for this when she gets older, but she loves her some nakey baby time. So of course Mommy has to snap all the cute naked baby butt pictures so I leave you with this picture of my tiny hiney!

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