Monday, May 9, 2011

Easter and other things

I know I'm a little behind as always, but wanted to share a little about Claire's first Easter and other things going on in our life. For Easter my parents (Nana and Papaw) came in to share in Claire's first Easter. She had such a fun time with her grandparents! She shopped with Nana and her and Papaw swung in the swing a lot! I remember when I was pregnant thinking of her first Easter and how far away it seemed to me. I bought several possible dress choices because I knew if I waited until the last minute I would never be able to choose.  and thought wow she will be a little over 7 months when Easter comes. Interestingly enough I found her dress at a consignment shop when I was about 8 months pregnant for $2! Smocking, boutique brand, and all! Time sure has flown. Pretty Princess is now almost 8 months! Where does the time go? Claire had a blast helping make a bunny cake. When my brother and I were little Mom always made us a bunny cake for Easter and I wanted Claire to experience the same tradition so me, Claire and Momma (Nana) made a bunny cake! Claire also had her first Easter egg hunt at church and thought colorful eggs sure were fun to pick up. We also dyed Easter eggs. I actually thought this project out and did it in her diaper right before bath time. She spilled more dye than anything and wanted to play in the mess, but she had fun dying eggs.
                       With her Bunny Cake                          Making cake with Mommy and Nana
                                                                  Hunting Eggs!
                                                          Hunting Eggs!
                                                                 Dying Eggs!
                                                                  Dying eggs!
                                                                     Checking out what the Easter bunny brought!
                                                                      Easter with Daddy!
                                                                         Easter with Mommy!

In other Claire news today she decided she had mastered the art of pulling up by herself at no other time than naptime! I put her down for a nap to hear her fuss and squirm and when I looked on the monitor she had pulled herself up to stand and was trying to escape the crib! Needless to say Eric now has the project of lowering the crib mattress! Since she did that early afternoon she has spent the rest of the practicing her new talent and trying to pull up on everything including toys that can't quite withstand her 15 or so pounds and topple on top of her. Last week she decided army crawling was a lot of fun. She holds herself up on all 4s and rocks back and forth takes one crawl and decides army crawling is better. It's never a dull day and I love it!

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