Friday, June 17, 2011

9 Months!

Holy Moly, I cannot believe how fast time has flown and how long it has been since I blogged! Pretty Princess just turned 9 months! She has officially been out longer than she was in. It makes me sad. Being pregnant certainly did not fly by like these past 9 months with Claire has flown by. She has gotten sillier than ever. She jabbers non stop! She learned to wave now everytime she waves she sticks her hand up to her mouth and sounds like an indian. She crawls everywhere. It amazes me how fast she can get away from me! She is into everything! Forget the toys she wants everything she shouldn't have. We are working on our 8th tooth! She is my little Pirhanna! We are working on not biting. I apologize to anyone who has gotten bitten lately.  We are also cruising everywhere. She loves to pull up on things then get on her tip toes and reach things she shouldn't.

Claire and I took a trip to see the grandparents last week. She has soooo much fun! She went swimming loved the big pool. Her favorite thing was to crawl up and down my parents big porch. Being outside was so fun! Of course she was spoiled rotten. New clothes, new toys, and of course lots of love! While we were there I took a shot at taking Claire's 9 month photos. We had a lot of fun taking them. Poor Nana was the entertainment and I think we exhausted her, lol.

Next week will be Claire's first Vacation Bible School. She is very excited. I am very nervous because it's my first time teaching a VBS class even if it is the baby class.

Here are a few of the 9 month photos.

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