Monday, July 4, 2011

Time with family!

This week I am spending time back home with my family. My poor Mommy fell and broke her arm last weekend and there just isn't much you can do one armed. Eric is working all week due to some employees on vacation so Claire, Cooper, and I are hanging out in the country. Claire and Cooper have the best time at Nana and Pappaw's house. Claire loves crawling all over their big front porch and Cooper explores all 15 acres discovering new scents. Both of them are so worn out by the end of the day.

2 weeks ago was Claire's first VBS and my first time actually teaching VBS. Those children were such a blessing and so were the other teachers. Claire has a bit of a Mommy attachment and VBS did her so good. The other ladies loved and played with her and she really has been a much more secure and happy baby since then. I just hope she will keep up her feeling of security because it is a much happier Mommy too without a screaming baby whenever Mommy walks two feet away. Don't get me wrong we still have our moments, but I can actually get a few things accomplished during the day.

Speaking of Claire Bear she had her 9 month check up on the 20th. She weighed 15 pounds 11 ounces which dropped her to the 5%. Doctor wasn't all that concerned about her drop in % since she has always been between the 10-25%, but did tell me to work on feeding her more fattening foods. She suggested adding butter to her food, but I just don't think getting her used to butter on her food is the best idea so I am just upping her cheese, avacado and "good fat" foods. Her length % hasn't changed any she was 27.25 inches long and between the 25-50%. I told the doctor she truly does eat all the time she is just so darn busy she doesn't have a chance to gain weight. She had a cold which moved to her chest I also found out at her appointment so the doc put her on a nebulizer with albuterol. That albuterol is like baby speed! Her already busy self turned into super fast baby! We cracked up at her every day she was on it. On Friday the 1st I took her back for a lung recheck and everything was clear. She even appeared to have growth spurt and had gained 7 ounces.

Since Mom is down with her arm Daddy is having to actually do some cooking and cleaning. He cracked me up the other night showing Claire how to vacuum. So here is a picture you won't see very often Daddy vacuuming and explaining to Claire how the vacuum works. She was less than impressed.

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