Thursday, July 21, 2011

Nakey Baby Time

No this post doesn't include any nakey baby pictures, but nakey baby time sure is good for the baby 's and mommy and daddy's soul. Little one is always hyper and on the move, but omigosh take all her clothes off and she is on overdrive. About 15 minutes before bath time little bit decided to take a massive poo (TMI I know). Since Eric hadn't changed a diaper all day I told him this one was his. With only 15 minutes before bath time I didn't want to waste another diaper so Claire got to enjoy some naked time. We laughed non stop at her. We kept her contained to her room so we didn't have to clean pee up all over the house. I told Eric she hardly ever pees this late in the day and when she does she waits to do it in the bath tub (which is why I have been putting her on the toilet before every bath and 9 out of 10 times she actually pees). Of course she proves me wrong and pees, lol. Anyway she loves I mean loves nakey baby time.

I mentioned the other day a blog I was following that really impacted me. If anyone is interested in reading it here is the link. I highly recommend that you read the first entry in June first. It is nearly a month to catch up on and long, but please read the story from beginning to today's entry. Their journey is amazing and you will be touched by their story even more if you read every entry in order.

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