Sunday, August 14, 2011


Little bit is walking! She has been cruising for about 3 months and I was beginning to think she might just cruise forever. Eric and I have been encouraging her for weeks to let go, but her confidence just hasn't quite been there. I finally decided I would take a few weeks off from pushing her and realized just to let her do it in her time. She shocked the crap out of me and actually did it in her time when I was least expecting it. She took her first steps Tuesday August 9, exactly 1 week shy of 11 months. We are by no means a pro walker right now and still choose crawling as our main mode of transportation, but every day we walk a little more and a little further. She loves to practice standing on her own and when she gets fixated on practicing it she will not rest! When she really gets to going usually she gets over excited and tries to go faster and falls down. Luckily we never cry and usually giggle when we fall down. It's an exciting thing to watch her wobbly steps. I'm sure in a few weeks when she is sprinting I may have a different opinion, lol.

I also discovered 2 more teeth tonight for a grand total of 10!! I thought she was cutting her bottom canines, but when I actually looked in her mouth she cut 2 back molars! God knows the child loves her meat so that must be why he is giving her molars early. Unfortunately they are not all the way in yet so I am sure there are still some fussy days ahead. Luckily she hasn't been too fussy cutting them she just has had a few rough moments.
I leave you with a short video of her walking!

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