Monday, September 26, 2011

First Birthday

Claire's first birthday and birthday party have come and gone. We had so much fun. Her "Paris" themed party was a success. She is very blessed with such wonderful family and friends.  Claire was her goofy self when my parents were here.  She thinks my mom aka Nana is the funniest person in the whole world. She just looks at her and laughs. Pappaw is pretty fun too as he takes her on walks when she is fussy and lets her get away with what she wants. Surprisingly Claire wasn't very interested in her birthday cake. She was terrified when everyone sang happy birthday and took a couple of licks of icing, smeared it all over me and called it a day. She must take after her Daddy. She likes salty stuff, but sweets aren't her favorite. (Unlike her Momma who loves sweets way too much).

It's hard to believe a year has passed. This has truly been the most wonderful year of my life. My little princess has changed me in more ways than she will ever know. She has made be a better person, wife, mother, and Christian. I can't wait to see what the future holds for us and her. I just love our little family. The joy she brings to our lives is indescribable. I know she is very shy around other people and it takes her awhile to warm up, but she really is hilarious and goofy. I try my best to socialize her and help her not to be scared. She does fine and warms up well as long as I am in the room. When I leave however she clams up. I know separation anxiety peaks at her age and I remind myself this is normal. Please don't take offense if she doesn't warm up right away. I promise she will warm up if you are patient and when she does she will bring many smiles to your face. I have really stressed over her separation anxiety. I have felt like I have done something wrong. I still doubt myself as a mother a thousand times a day and talk to God often for guidance. I just want my little girl to be happy, well rounded, loving, kind, and most of all love God. I have to remember that being social and outgoing isn't everyone. I was a shy kid and still am a shy adult. I take a while to warm up to new situations. A very dear friend told me the other day that when she first met me she thought I was kind of snobby because I didn't say much. She said she quickly learned that I am not snobby at all I just observe new situations and people before I jump in. I think Claire is the same way, but as a baby she can't express herself like an adult nor does she have the "social norms" to govern her behavior. She acts on the outside what some of us are doing on the inside. Screaming get me out of here! I know I have been in certain situations and scared where I wish I could scream and bury my face. My Mom also made a good point that since I breastfed Claire she wasn't passed from person to person with a bottle. People love feeding babies their bottle and being passed around and sitting in unfamiliar people's laps isn't something Claire is used to.

A week before Claire's birthday we had birthday photos taken. They are beautiful. Here is a link to some of them if you want to see.  (hopefully this will work)

Here are a few pics from her birthday and birthday party.

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