Thursday, October 20, 2011

I think we are all better (fingers crossed)

After an interesting and exhausting last week Claire seems to be better yay! Our poor baby ended up at Texas Children's last Thursday. We called her doc Thursday afternoon (after hours) when Claire would not stop screaming and nothing I did made any difference. She would arch her back etc. and no matter how what I did she wouldn't stop. But then she did stop. Then about an hour later she started up again. So Eric called the doc on his way home from work because I couldn't hear myself think much less be able to carry on a conversation. We kept thinking it was just her reflux irritated which is what Eric started telling the doctor. She immediately said that it didn't sound like reflux, but intussusception. We quickly learned that that meant one part of the bowl had slid into another part of the bowl. She said it is not uncommon after having a stomach virus that it can happen. She said to go to Texas Children's instead of St. Lukes because if that was what is was then they were equipped to handle it. She also said she had called one of her colleagues and gave them a heads up so hopefully we wouldn't have to wait as long.  By the time we got there she was calm (actually she was asleep) and we thought maybe she was ok after all. We got checked in and in a few minutes were sent to triage to get her vitals taken. The place was packed and we were basically told that even though they had received the heads up on Claire we were still going to have to wait. Luckily or unluckily I'm still not sure which, while the nurse was taking her vitals she started having one of her screaming episodes. The nurse immediately noticed this wasn't your normal screaming from being tired, or mad, or a tantrum. It scared her bad enough she ran and grabbed the first doctor she could find. By the time she got the doc in Claire had settled down, but they still decided we didn't have to wait they would start running tests. The first thing they did was cath her to check for a UTI. She hadn't been peeing much at all over the past week since she wouldn't eat/drink. I was shocked at the amount of pee they were able to get out of her. They said it could be a UTI and that was the first thing to rule out. Almost immediately after they cathed her she relaxed and started asking to eat and drink. Whoa! Once we got settled in our room she was playing and laughing! This is the first she wanted to play and actually get down and walk around in a week. I thought surely it must be a UTI if she felt that much better after they emptied her bladder. They came back in about an hour later and said the pee test came back negative so it was time for plan B to do an ultrasound and check for intussusception. Long story short, thankfully the ultrasound looked good, unfortunately we still had no idea what was causing her so much pain. So at 2:00 a.m. we were sent home with our very tired baby. The next day she was about 80% herself and by Saturday she was 100% herself. I don't know if she had a bladder retention problem and draining her bladder helped or what, but the main thing is my sweet girl is finally back!!!

Sadly we did not make it to my brothers house. We were so nervous she would relapse and we just wanted to keep her in her own routine and environment so she could rest that we decided not to go. It was such a hard decision. After the week I had I really needed to get away, but Claire always comes first. Since I was so bummed about not getting to go to  Dallas Eric was so sweet and told me we could do whatever I wanted all weekend. We decided to go with our good friends to the pumpkin patch. While smiles were few and far between (Claire was more interested in playing with the pumpkins and dirt) we did get some good pictures and had a great time hanging with friends.

Oh I almost forgot to share some funny pics. It's kind of mean I think they are funny, but while we were at my Mom and Dad's house last weekend on Friday night Dad was mowing the yard. After he was done mowing Dad wanted to take Claire for a ride on his mower. I thought Claire would love it, but she really didn't it. That Friday I thought she was better, but of course Saturday I learned different. Anyway I don't know if that contributed to her dislike of the mower or if she was truly scared but these make me laugh anyway. Pappaw said we will try the mower ride again next time.

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