Thursday, November 3, 2011

Halloween and the Ducks!

Eric and I both said this was our favorite Halloween by far ever! I know most of it was because this was Claire's first year trick or treating. Last year she was a mere 6 weeks old and wasn't exactly old enough to trick or treat. I also think this was our favorite year also because we spent it with some wonderful friends. We had a blast watching the kids trick or treat and laugh along the way at how excited they all were. I had my doubts about Claire enjoying Halloween. My first concern was her dislike of her costume. Every time I tried her costume on her she would scream bloody murder. I had such a hard time even measuring her for it. She absolutely hated it. My second concern was she is so shy around people that she doesn't know that she would be a screaming and kicking scarecrow walking up to people's houses. She completely shocked us. Once she saw her friends dressed up she let me put the costume on her and even kept the hat on for awhile. She wouldn't let me paint her face completely nor would she wear her arm bands, but I didn't care  because the main part of the costume was on!! I think she smelled the candy because before the night was over she was practically running to each house and even smiling and taking the candy out of people's hands! She had a blast and crashed before we could even get a mile down the road.

My not so scary scarecrow!
 Claire and her friend Mickey Mouse!
 Trick or treating with Daddy!
 Enjoying some candy!
My inspiration for the costume.

Claire has recently fell in love with our neighborhood playground. I love it too because it lets her go "bye bye" which she is always wanting to do. She is a bit like me and can't sit still at home for long. Plus it is not far away. We get to walk and then play. By our neighborhood playground is also a small "pond". In this pond there are many ducks. Claire has become fascinated by these ducks and runs the whole way saying "du du du". (Claire's version of  "duck"). We have learned a bit about these ducks lately. There is a couple whose house back up to the pond. Apparently these people are the self appointed neighborhood duck caretakers lol. The guy feeds them everyday and has even named most of them. They instantly run when they hear his voice. He showed Claire the 11 baby ducks in his backyard that he rescued from our neighborhood pool. Apparently the Momma duck set up her "home" in the pool. Not the best place so this poor guy spent nearly 2 hours trying to capture 11 baby ducks while fending off a mad momma and then catching the momma duck and setting them up a habitat in his backyard until they are old enough to join the pond. Claire loved them and she even got to pet one. There is also one lone goose. I have noticed this goose is a little "special". I learned from the guy that this goose's name is "Silly Goose". It was raised by a woman and that is why it always chases women not men.  We have been chased several times. I also learned that the majority of the ducks have been dropped off by individuals who I guess raised them and then didn't want them. Yesterday Silly Goose did his usual chasing us thing and hung out on the playground most of the time following Claire and I around. All was well until Silly Goose decided to grab Claire's shirt while she was sliding down the slide. Didn't hurt her, but scared the crap out of her lol. From now on we will see the ducks last instead of first since Silly Goose has a problem with boundaries.  Here is a picture of Silly Goose from yesterday and a picture of Claire and the ducks the other day.

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