Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Jesus Loves Me

Time gets away from me so quickly and I realize how long it has been since I've blogged. I decided instead of waiting until I had something really interesting to talk about I needed to start writing short entries about day to day life too.  Little girl turned 18 months on the 16th of March. Part of me feels like she has been with us forever and part of me can't believe how fast the last year and a half has flown by. Her doctor doesn't do 18 month check ups so I attempted to do her stats myself. She is clocking in at a whopping 21 pounds and around 32 inches. For some reason ever since she was a little baby I always sing her "Claire Elizabeth song" (one that I made up) and Jesus Loves Me before every nap and before bedtime. We rock and sing. The made up Claire Elizabeth song can always calm her down. Ever since she was tiny if she was fussy I would sing her song and she would relax in my arms. I didn't realize how much she loves singing Jesus Loves Me until recently though. I'll be halfway through the Claire Elizabeth song and she will start saying "Jesus" and "Bible". Now when I sing Jesus Loves Me she has to sing too. Most of her singing isn't understandable besides the occasional Jesus and Bible she throws in there, but it is the most precious beautiful singing voice I have ever heard. Every night the singing gets louder and louder and when Eric puts her to bed he started singing it too (don't let him know I told you that) and she sings with both of us. So loud you can hear her accross the house. I know I'm partial, but man that little girl is awesome!

Here are some of the pics taken to document her 18 month birthday :-)

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