Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Play Date Fun!

We are so very blessed to have such amazing friends. What's also amazing is all of our kids are within a few years of each other. Most of my friends are also stay at home mommies or only work part time which works out great for play dates. Let's be honest play dates for the kids are really for the Moms. No not really they are for the kids to socialize and learn from each other, but I can't lie if I said the Moms don't benefit as well. We have so much fun watching our kids play together and having adult conversations with each other! We laugh and share stories our husbands probably would be embarrassed about if they knew we told each other. We vent about various things, share serious things, bounce ideas off each other, pray together, and learn from each other.

I always mean to take pictures from our play dates to have memories later of when all of the kids were little, but most of the time I forget my camera or just plain get caught up yacking that I just forget. On our last play date I actually remembered to take pictures! It also helped that it was at my house and the camera was in my sight! Here are a few pictures from that day:

 Playing in the pool!
Claire's friend Avery. I love the pure joy on her face!

 Claire and Christian contemplating stealing their Mommy's drinks.
 Wagon ride in the back yard.
 Score! We stole their lemonade!
 Discussing how yummy the drinks are.
 You got any more friend?

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