Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Grandparent Fun!

Last week Claire and I had the opportunity to spend the week at my parent's house. Eric had training out of town all week and there was no way I was spending the week by myself. We haven't got to spend a lot of time in the country this year so we thought it was the perfect week to go! Claire had sooo much fun and Nana and Pappaw's house. She completely exhausted herself and Nana. With 15 acres to explore little girl was never ever bored. Plus the 2 story house was super fun to scale the stairs over and over and over. After the first day there everytime she would go down the stairs she would groan. We finally figured out it was becuase her little legs were sore from going up and down so much, but that didn't even begin to slow her down. She played outside as much as she could. We discovered we had to lock the front door because she would escape to go out and play. My parent's front door handle was just within her reach and they have a big front porch that covers the entire length of their house. Running around on the porch was so much fun to her. She would run around the side and hide behind the bay window and wait for someone to come looking for her and then giggle and run. Pappaw had to work 7-7 everyday so unfortunately she didn't get to see him but for a few minutes at night, but all day she was put on a sad face and voice and ask for "paw paw". She was Nana's little shadow. If Nana went out of sight she would run through the house calling "Nana, Nana'. On Friday Eric made it back from training and spent the weekend with us. Sunday was our anniversary so on Saturday afternoon we took Claire to Mimi's house in Waco to play while we went on our first day in almost 2 years! Claire had so much fun with Mimi! Well, until bathtime and she flipped out because she thought she was going to have to go to bed without seeing Momma and Daddy. Thankfully Aunt Kayla settled her down and she even fell asleep in Kayla's arms.

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