Monday, April 4, 2016

Addicted.... To sugar?

Hello, my name is Julie and I'm addicted to sugar! It sounds silly to say, but sadly it's true. When I'm worried I find a sweet treat. When I'm frustrated a little sugar is just what I need to improve my mood. When I'm tired candy is a great pick me up. When I accomplish something I celebrate with something sweet. It's gotten to the point that I dread going home of I don't have something sugary on hand. A handful of chocolate chips, a peppermint just a little something.  Uh sounds a little addiction like don't you think? I justify it by saying it's not like I'm binging on treats. It's just a little here and there. A little in the morning, a little while the kids are napping, I mean I HAVE earned it. Another handful once the kids are in bed. I mean it's been a long day it's time to celebrate surviving! The Lord has been convicting me over this for quite some time now. However like we sinners tend to be we rationalize our actions to Him. Well, it's not like it's an illegal drug or anything. I've earned this treat after everything I do for everyone. I don't NEED it, I can't say no at anytime. I eat healthy in every other way. We rarely eat fast food. I cook mostly whole foods. If this is my one weakness how bad can it be? 

Thankfully we serve a patiently persistent God. For weeks now I have felt like I need to make a change, but have been too ashamed to admit it. Won't everyone think I have officially lost my mind? God has kept nudging me. I hear him saying, I am all you need. I am who you turn to when you are tired and frustrated. I want to celebrate even the littlest things with you! 

Did you know sugar is a real addiction? It lights up the same receptors in the brain cocaine does?

  There is added sugar in just about everything processed we buy. I've known this. I am careful when I'm grocery shopping and read labels. I don't want my kids consuming all this sugar. I limit their candy intake. This has been a particularly rough week after Easter. There has been a ton of candy in the house and the kids know it. They have begged, pleased, fussed, and argued their way into getting a piece of candy. It's been absolute torture as a parent. It's no coincidence either. The Lord has used them to convict me as well. I don't want them consuming it so why is it ok for me? My adorable 3 year old is an awesome kid that keeps life interesting. He is what some might call a handful. As my Mom would say to me and my brother when we were being a challenge "you are going to drive me to drink"! Luke drives me to sugar, except it's not funny. It's just as bad for me as alcohol. I don't drink, I've never even smoked or tried drugs. Again how I've rationalized consuming sugar. 

So what has been the final straw? 2 things. One my little man got sick early last week. I got sick on Friday and we just can't seem to shake this. Did you know sugar actually lowers your immune system? It makes it harder to fight things off and recover? Secondly a friend of mine shared a link to a 40 day sugar fast. I rarely do these challenges much less read about them. They usually come off seeming like a quick loose weight scheme or something like that. This one I actually stopped to read. I stayed home from church yesterday since I wasn't feeling well, but God still spoke to me probably more at home than I would have heard at church yesterday. As I got to reading about this 40 day sugar challenge I discovered all these people are just like me! Their reasoning, their addiction, their shame is just like me! The focus is to support each other in order to break free from our addiction and focus on God. I realized I'm not alone. I can do this! God is with me! If this is something you struggle with I encourage you to join with me during these 40 days and rid the addiction and focus on God because he is all we need!! Here is the info and link to join!

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