Friday, January 13, 2012

Adventures in Potty Training

So I do realize that being almost 16 months makes Claire on the young end of the potty training spectrum. I do not have high expectations now, but we are trying it. For about 6 months now we put Claire on the potty before bath time quite often she will go. She is very interested in the potty. Loves to put her seat on and off of it and occasionally try and sneak a toy or 2 in there.  She is very comfortable in the bathroom, probably because she obviously sees Mommy go.  Maybe it is a hazard of me being home with her everyday and being a paranoid 1st time Mom who didn't let her out of my sight for the first few months of her life, lol. Right before Thanksgiving I did the 3 day potty training and it actually worked very well. That's not to say I didn't clean up a lot of pee, but like they say by day 3 there is a marked improvement. Then as luck would have it she got an ear infection and pottying like a big girl went out the window. I thought about resuming it when the ear infection passed, but then traveling so much with Christmas I decided to wait. This past week we have been working on it again. I feel like I live in my small 2nd bathroom lately. I am doing to whole pee and get a M&M thing, well she is pretty sure just for sitting on the potty requires an M&M. Several times now I have been in another area of the house only to discover she made it to the bathroom, but peed on the floor :-\. The other day I was folding laundry and noticed she didn't follow me like she normally does. I poked my head out to hear muffled screams. The little turkey somehow shut herself in her bedroom and obviously can't reach the door knob to let herself out. I quickly rescued her only to discover she literally scared the poop out of herself. Poop was every where and she had stepped in it. Eww. Yesterday morning I was so proud of her. I was cooking breakfast and she comes running in the kitchen, yelled "momma" and ran to the bathroom. I put her on the toilet and she immediately peed! Yay! If only she will keep that up. I hate that she always has to come get me to potty. I realize that she may not always be able to hold it to find me so today I did what I initially said I didn't want to do and bought a training potty that sits on the floor. She was immediately excited about it. For one she got to help open the box and ever since Christmas opening boxes means something good is inside. I let her sit on it and play with it. After about 15 minutes of nothing I walked to the other room. Again I hear her yelling. Oh crap, now what did she do? I found her sitting on top of the big potty (lid down) and thought she had just gotten stuck and needed help to get off. Oh no that wasn't it. She got confused and thought she still needed to sit on the big potty to pee. She peed all over the toilet lid cover. I still gave her and M&M because technically she had the right idea. Since then she has actually peed in the training potty several times. I have learned letting her run around with no drawers on works best. When I put training panties on her she seems to have more accidents. Maybe she still associates that with a diaper? Who knows. So for now when we are home her tiny hiney is hanging out!

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