Friday, February 3, 2012

90% and the love of shoes

90% potty trained. That's where we are and I think will be for awhile. She has done fantastic with it. Far better than I hoped. At home just the 3 of us she is 100%. She only times we have "uh-ohs" as the calls them is usually in the car. In her defense she is back there hollering and signing to go potty there just isn't always a place to pull over and go. I think with her young age the bladder muscle control just isn't developed enough yet. Plus telling her wait 5 minutes is pointless to a little girl with no sense of time. So she will occasionally have an accident in the car. She will yell and say "uh oh Momma" and then fuss a little. She hates having accidents. The only other times accidents come out are when she is not at home and someone else is caring for her. Although that is getting better as she is learning to better communicate what she needs. The only issue is when she is around people who are not around her everyday she can tend to be sneaky and say she has to go potty when she really just wants to walk around or play in the sink. Just a word of warning to my friends :-) She is even doing good at night. Its 50%/50% if she wakes up dry. Some mornings she does and others she doesn't. I'm not worried about night training for a while though. She gets mad at night when the diaper goes and and fusses and yanks at it. The only other issue is keeping pants on her during the day. She insists to take them off when she potties and then doesn't put them back on. I also think before I can say she is 100% trained she is going to have to be able to somewhat pull up and down her own pants. We are getting there, but I think it will be a while before she can really do it. She does like her reading material though. She can be mad at me about this when she is older.

My little goofy girl has a shoe obsession like her Mommy. All day long she is pilfering through her closet trying on every pair of shoes she has. Too big and too small doesn't matter to her. She is so proud of herself that she can usually get them on by herself now. I can't blame the girl. It's in her blood. I will never forget my first coed party in Jr. High. You know the one where girls and boys are not so icky to each other anymore? It was a party for the 7th grade cheerleaders and football players out in the country where there was lots of things to do on the hosts' property. I was so excited! The boy I had a huge crush on was going to be there. Of course I had to do my hair and what little make up I was allowed, perfectly. I planned my outfit all week and of course had to wear stylish (for the time) shoes. Nothing too fancy just some jeans and a nice top with my hot shoes. They were little sandals with about an inch heel on them. I thought I was hot stuff with a heel on (even though looking back they were way to clunky to be called a heel).  On the drive there I could hardly contain myself. I get out smiling at all my friends and notice I think I over did it. I wanted to hop back in the car and have Mom drive me home as fast as possible. Too bad Mom left quickly thinking I would be embarrassed if she hung around too long. Sure everyone was in jeans so that was ok. My top wasn't overly fancy so that could slide too. But my shoes! Every girl there had on tennis shoes. (I guess they figured it was quicker to chase the boys in comfy shoes) and most girls had on a t-shirt. No one there had make up on. Now I didn't look like a drag queen, Dad would never have let me leave the house to my first boy/girl party looking like I "painted my face on" as he would say. However I did have some lip gloss, blush, mascara and hint of eye shadow. And to make matters worse I had curled and styled and sprayed my hair into perfect placement (or so I thought) and every other girl there had in a simple pony tail or just straightened with a head band. Not to mentioned I of course accessorized. I had cute earrings on and a necklace and probably a bracelet. I was the only one accessorized other than some with some cute studs in their ears. Ooops. I learned from that experience to always check with my friends to see what they are wearing and how their general appearance will be. Looking back I didn't stick out hardly if any from my friends. Of course to a 13 year old girl it was nearly the end of the world.  I have a feeling my sweet little girl is sadly on the same path as her mother. She loves to get my lipstick and pretend she is applying it. Also likes to get my brush set and "do her makeup". Playing dress up, getting her purses and clomping in shoes to the door waving by at me is one of her favorite games.

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