Monday, March 22, 2010

15 Weeks!

I've made it to 15 weeks! 25 more to go! Wow 25 more weeks can't come fast enough! We have sold the last piece of furniture in the office turned baby's room. The last piece will be picked up on Saturday. This makes me so excited since as soon as the room is cleared Eric can start painting and I can start decorating!

Visited my parents and my Grandma this past weekend. Also got to visit with family I don't see very often which was fun. The weekends always go by too quickly especially when we have limited time with people. Sunday afternoon before we traveled back to Houston Mom and I ordered Claire's fabric so Mom can get started on the bedding! Oh did I mention we have agreed on a name? Claire Elizabeth is our precious little one's name. It is so nice to have a name to call her besides "the baby". It really makes everything seem so much more real! I am so happy Mom is making her bedding. She will do a fabulous job and Claire will have the most meaningful bedding!

Another fun note, I ordered a cheapo at home doppler about 5 weeks ago. Several times a week I have tried in vain to find little one's heartbeat. She is still so low and my uterus is still tipped backwards I knew it would take a while to find her. Last night I decided to try again since it has been a few days. Lo and behold after about 5 minutes of searching there it was! Beating away so quick and strong! I went to bed with a smile on my face! I have heard her at the doctor's office, but there is someting so fun about being able to hear it anytime I want! I think the dub dub dub sound is my new favorite sound!

Okay more weekend laundry to get to. Eric is playing softball so I am enjoying a relaxing evening catching up on Project Runway and do laundry.

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