Monday, March 8, 2010

Big Week! And Baby Westerman is....

We have had quite an amazing week. We saw our little one last Monday. Everything looked perfect, my uterus is still turned backwards, but nothing to worry about at this point. It should turn on it's own. Little Westerman was wiggling around and had a finger or thumb or something in it's mouth. The NT scan went great we met with a genetic counselor afterwards who said the scan looked great and the bloodwork should confirm that the risk for Down's Syndrome or Trisomony something or other was very low. Also with this bloodwork comes the sex of Baby Westerman!!

I waited about an entire 2 days before I immediately starting calling the message line to get the results. Of course they were not up by then, but one can't help but try. On Friday I thought maybe just maybe they would be up. My Mom was coming to town and how perfect it would be to know the sex! I called at 10, nothing, at 2, nothing, at 4:15 I decided one more time couldn't hurt and to my shock I had a recording! I immediately hung up so Eric and I could hear the results together. I raced home as soon as the clock struck 5! Eric, Mom, and I got to hear the results together. The bloodwork confirmed that the rist for down's was great than 1 in 10,000 which the recording said was good results. The very last thing the 3 of us heard was...

Congratulations, you are having a little GIRL!!!

We were shocked and excited! Eric's jaw hit the floor he was convinced it was a boy. After the shock wore off excitement set in! I immediately called my Dad who said "I told you so". Dad had been saying all along it was a girl. Eric then called his Mom who also said "I knew it"! Those were the only 2 people who thought it was a girl. My brother claims he did too, but I think he just wanted to be different and guess girl!

All in all it was a very big week! We announced to the rest of the world that not only there was a baby on the way, but it was a GIRL! Wow! We are so very blessed with this miracle, our daughter!

Those of you who know me well know that I am already scheming on the nursery! Here is my "theme" for the room. Mom is going to make the bedding so we may make a few minor changes, but pink, black, and damask is what I love!

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  1. I hoped and hoped it would be a girl, but I didn't want to say a whole lot because I didn't want to make out like girl are better than boys...but they are so fun!!!