Monday, March 29, 2010

The Ring Ceremony

As most of you know I have had a bit of belly bling since Spring Break Freshman year in college. After 8 years the beautiful bling had to come out. Someone should have told a crazy 19 year old that when you pierce your belly and later have a baby it leaves quite the ugly hole. Eric told me it was time to be a grown up and take it out. Claire agreed with her Daddy.

The maternity fairy came to visit yesterday! My sweet sweet friend brought me a truck load of maternity clothes to borrow. It truly was an answer to prayers. I had been starting to stress over all the expense that comes along with just being pregnant. I didn't want to spend a lot of money on clothes, which if you know me you know that is just a shocking statement! I had just decided to buy a couple of essential pieces and then make my current wardrobe work for as long as I could. My stress has now been lowered and my every growing waist is very thankful for being able to breathe!

I decided I wanted to share a couple of Claire's outfits I have already bought her as well as a few of some adorable gifts from some very dear friends!

Two of the outfits I have bought. Eric always said his child needed some Ralph Lauren Polo so of course she now has pink polo!

A precious giraffe from her Aunt Andrea

My sweet friend Melissa gave me these for baby Claire. Eric is now convinced that since A&M comes in pink that is how everything should be.

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