Wednesday, April 7, 2010


So Monday night we went and registered at Target. I know 17 weeks is still a little early, but I got a free $20 gift card for registering before the 15th. Those who know me know that I can't pass up free money! As many had predicted for us we were LOST at registering. Half of the stuff we had no idea if we needed it or what it was. We will register at Babies R Us at some point and that trip I will exempt Eric from and take some dear girlfriends who are Moms and can point me in the right direction. In the meantime I know the Target registry needs some major cleaning up! Especially since my husband when clicking crazy with the gun. Before we finished we needed to pick up a loaf of bread as we picked up the loaf of bread my dear Eric discovered his favorite BBQ sauce and decided he needed to register for 3 bottles of that. Lovely Eric just lovely.

I *think* I have felt Claire moving a few times! It happens so quickly and only feels like 2 or 3 popcorns have popped that I'm sometimes not sure if I imagined it. I'm pretty sure it's her because it usually happens after a little bit of sugar. I can't wait until I feel her all the time. More than that I can't wait until she is her to play and snuggle with!

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