Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Looonnnggg Weeeeekkk

I've been having some serious allergy sinus issues which has made for a very long week and it's only halfway over. Can't breathe, can't hear, can't stop sneezing ugh. I told Eric if I could just chop my head off I would feel fine. I'm thankful that I havn't gotten icky all over, but the head thing really stinks. Luckily it's getting better, but nothing sounds good to eat. Which for me is strange because I usually will eat anything put in front of me, lol. Do not fear however ice cream still tastes good, lol which should tell you I'm gonna live.

Another note in the strange happenings of our house the butter is missing! Neither of us can figure out where in the world it might have gone. I've checked the freezer, the pantry, and the trash. I have no idea where my pregnant brain might have put it!

1 comment:

  1. check the trunk of the car...or in a spare closet. im not prenant, but i have definetly put grocery items in these places!!!!