Monday, April 26, 2010

Half Baked! 20/20

So today marks to halfway mark. Wahoo! Now I feel more on the countdown than the count up, lol. I have tried to stay away from the camera best I could, but I figure baby Claire might want to know what her Momma looked like pregnant with her so I present you with the fluffier side of me!

As Eric told me "you look like you might be pregnant". Thanks honey I might be.

We ordered baby Claire's furniture today! YAY! Now she won't have to sleep on the floor, lol. Unfortunatley it will be about 10 weeks before it comes in. The furniture is made in Chile and thanks to the earthquake it will be awhile. We figured for time's sake we better order it and not stress in the end. It also gives dear Eric sometime to get the room painted and ready. He has big ideas for our little girl's room. He makes me so proud wanting his daughter's room to be the best. Here is baby girl's crib! We also ordered the double dresser minus the hutch.

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