Thursday, April 22, 2010

Dog Week

So this week has been dog week. I'm taking care of 4 extra dogs. Only one extra at my house and 3 at another. I love doggys they are babies too. The only bad thing about taking care of 4 extra dogs for an entire week is you start to get attached and you know when the week is over you won't get to love on them everyday. I stress about them like they are my own. Makes for an entertaining week, but nothing like 4 extra babies to be excited to see you at the end of a crappy day!

Baby Claire is moving and growing. How I love feeling her move. The movement isn't consistent yet, but every few days when I feel those little tap taps and pop corn feelings I give her little pep talks to keep doing it! Shamefully I admit I eat a lot of Jolly Ranchers because when I do I feel her for a little longer. She is going to be born addicted to sugar like her Momma!

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